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Mechanical & Metal Anchors

Parabolt is a leading distributor of specialist anchoring and fixing solutions who supply to both the industrial and construction industries. The mechanical and metal anchors range contains quality finishes, zinc plated, hot dipped galvanised to stainless steel in various sizes for enhanced performance for various applications.

CE Approved products are available within the range.

throughbolt option 7

Throughbolt – Option 7 Approved - Other variants, sizes and finishes available.

Heavy Duty Anchors
heavy duty anchor bolt type

Heavy Duty Anchor – Countersunk Type – Option 1 Approved - Other variants, sizes and finishes available.

heavy duty anchor bolt type

Screwbolt – Internal Threaded Socket - Other variants available.

screwbolt hexagon flange head

Screwbolt – Hexagon Flange Head - Other variants available.

Shield Anchors
Shield Anchor - Shield Only

Loose Bolt Type - Other variants available.

Drop in Anchors
Drop in Anchors

Drop in Anchor - Other variants available.

Sleeve Anchors
Sleeve Anchor – Countersunk Type

Sleeve Anchor – Countersunk Type - Other variants available.

Tap-con Anchors
Tap-Con – Slotted Hexagon Head

Tap-Con – Slotted Hexagon Head - Other variants available.


Wirehanger – Zinc and Yellow Passivated.

Scaffold Retaining Eyes
Tap-Con – Scaffold Retaining Eye

Scaffold Retaining Eye - Zinc plated - Other variants available.